Product safety and product origin are tested and reported in a rigorous method

That is one of the goals underlying the commitment of CATAS and COSMOB to promote and assist manufacturing companies in the processes of control and verification of italian furniture placed on the market. The two testing laboratories, both accredited by ACCREDIA and independent certification bodies, manage the technical organization of the certification by defining the requirements, carrying out inspections and laboratory tests on finished products, always in line with the national and international regulatory and legislative context for the furniture sector.


  • The Italian origin of the product is periodically verified. The localization in Italy of the relevant production processes is subject to an annual inspection in the company by an independent body.

  • The safety and durability performances of the italian furniture are periodically tested. Product samples are regularly and randomly taken from the company by an independent body and subsequently have to undergo laboratory tests according to technical standards (national or European) which set all the safety, strength and durability requirements.

  • The certification mark states compliance over time with specific technical product and process requirements, which are constantly assessed by an independent body.