The Made in Italy furniture into five steps

  1. Application form and certification process starting by the company: the company asks for the application form writing to and is immediately contacted by our technical referees.

  2. Auditing and sampling within the company: the ispection team audits the production process and visits the company production site to sample the product.

  3. Laboratory tests and data analysis within the lab: the samples taken to the laboratory are tested according to the applicable standards and the results are checked against the certification requirements.

  4. Mark granting: if the previous steps are positively concluded, the certification can be granted to the product. From now on the company can use use the Catas Cosmob  product certification.

  5. Continuous monitoring: during all the duration of the certification continuous checks are made to the product to be sure that it fulfills the Catas Cosmob product certification requirements.

The object of the certification can be a specific product or a complete product family.